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Tonari is a jazz kissaten right next door to our omakase restaurant, Nodoguro. The cafe was designed with the same intent and principles that define the "blue zones" of our planet.

Our menu is focused on the highest quality fish and meat, organic miso, local tofu and vegetables, and vitamin rich seaweed. We serve teishoku sets, stylish washoku classics, re-invented onigiri, natural tofu and miso protein smoothies and tasty confections and sides with a healthy Okinawan twist. 

As Tonari aims provide our guests an experience, through hospitality, that encourages a full, long, and balanced life, we are also a community gathering place.  Tonari hosts artisan demonstrations, cooking classes, health and wellness talks, DIY crafts, and other artful events throughout each month. Keep an eye on our BELONG page for dates and details. Wishing you happiness and health.